Object 450 Medium Tank 1/35 - Trumpeter

 Object 450 was attempt to design or at least look at how tank will look like in future by Morozov, a T-64 designer. He wrote about his concept of new tank, which he called NST-74, Object 450 and T-74, in his diary:

   This vehicle was proposed in early 1970s in Kharkov design bureau, as NST-74 („New Medium Tank – 74“). It turned to be more a concept than a real design that Soviet industry would be able to build in 1970s. T-74 concept from 1972 was found to be not very good, while 1973 concept had several key improvements over 1972 concept – better gunner position (and later it was futher improved in 1974), gun mount, ammo storage, FCS principles, crew placement. New tank was to be created to surpass new Leopard and XM-801. 

Length: 262.5mm   Width: 79.9mm

The kit consists of over 200 parts

Code TR9580
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Scale 1:35
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