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K455 Ver.A : 1990 Rd.1 U.S­.A.GP 
 ・This version is based n the opening round that A. Senna won. The “Bat Car” diffuser will be included, together with 5-piece flap rear wing, big brake duct, and the meter panel that inherited from the previous generation.

K456 Ver.B : 1990 Rd.4 Monaco GP
 ・This version is based on the MOnaco GP that A. Senna won and G. Berger in the third. 4-piece flap rear wing, flap front wing, and the “Bat Car” diffuser” are included.

K457 Ver.C : 1990 Rd.11 Belgian GP
 ・this version is based on the Belgian GP specification. 3-piece flap high rear wing and the black carbonized wind shield are included. Also the meter panel, brake duct, and the normal type diffuser of the late type are included too.

K458 Ver.D : 1990 Rd.15 Japanese GP
 ・This version is based on the Japanese GP that vigorously fought with A. Prost of Ferrari, in the Suzuka circuit. 4-piece flap rear wing and the normal type diffuser are included.

NEW K556●Ver.E : 1990 Rd.15 Japanese GP Qualifying
Based on the version used during the 1990 Japanese GP qualifier. Includes panel parts featuring closed outlets on the cowl sides.

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