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Kit Details-

- F1 GTR, the ultimate sports car that based on the McLaren F1 cars, was designed by Mclaren F1 designer, Gordon Murray. F1 GTR had a glorious history that won the 24-hour champion the Circuit de la Sarthe in 1995, and won the champion in 2 constructive years of the BPR series.
In the year 1997, the GTR upgraded to be more racing car like, evolved to have a „Long Tail“ and this version will be the next fully detailed kit from MFH.
- The main parts of this multi-material kit are made of urethane, white metal, alloys, photo etch sheets, decals, and etc.
- The „Long tail“ version improved the cowl with the iconic shape, the air flow management at the front, the transmission and the axis, etc. A huge number of parts have been improved since the 1995 version.
- The butterfly doors and the rear window are movable. The front cowl, side panel, bonnet (engine foot), rear panel and diffuser are attached by magnets and can be easily attached/detached so that you can have the interior view of this great kit. Also the steering can be detached, too.


●K376 – Ver.A : 1997 Sarthe 24hours [Gulf Team Davidoff] #39/#40/#41

●K377 – Ver.B : 1997 Sarthe 24hours [Team BMW Motorsport] #42/#43

●K378 – Ver.C : 1997 Sarthe 24hours [Team McLaren] #44

●K379 – Ver.D : 1998 Sarthe 24hours [Gulf Team Davidoff McLaren] #40

●K380 – Ver.E : 1998 Sarthe 24hours [Gulf Team Davidoff McLaren] #41



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Code K376,K377, K378, K379, K380
Producer Model Factory Hiro
Scale 1:24
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