Ferrari D50 Fulldetail kit 1/12- Model Factory Hiro

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K580 Ver.A : 1956 Rd.2 Monaco GP #20 J.M.Fangio / E.Castellotti  #24 L.Musso

– based on the short nose version that raced in the 1956 Monaco GP. 








K581 Ver.B : 1956 Rd.5 French GP #16 A.Portago / T-car 

– based on the test streamliner version featured at the France GP. Addition rear cowls on the two sides of the regualr rear cowl included as separate parts and can be removed separately even upon completion of kit.

K582 Ver.C : 1956 Rd.7 German GP #1 J.M.Fangio   #2 P.Collins

– based on the long nose version that raced in the 1956 German GP.








K583 Ver.D : 1956 Rd.8 Italian GP #22 J.M.Fangio / E.Castellotti   #28 L.Musso
1956 Rd.4 Belgian GP #20 A.Pilette   #8 P.Collins

– based on the championship car (short nose version) that won the final Italy GP in 1956.
– same kit can be alternatively used to build the yellow coloured car #20 (driven by A.Pilette) that raced in Belgium GP.

Code K580-3
Producer Model Factory Hiro
Scale 1:12
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