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●K532 – Ver.B : 1979 LM North American Racing Team #64

based on the version N.A.R.T. entered in the 1979 Le Mans, featuring a white and blue stripe running along the center of a red body.

●K533 – Ver.C : 1980 LM JMS Racing/Pozzi #75

– based on the version in 1980 Le Mans featuring metallic blue and yellow sponsor colours. One of the three 512BB LM to enter but the only one to retain the original body design.

K534 – Ver.D : 1980 LM Scuderia Bellancauto #79

– based on the Bellancauto team entry in 1980.
-Various differences between the versions have been faithfully reproduced, such as the louvre on the front cowl, shape of the side ducts, shape of the nose, mirror etc. Differences to the wheel design of Ver. A and B. have also been recreated.

About the 512BB LM

In the mid 1970’s, N.A.R.T. decided to enter Ferrari roadcars, namely the 365GT4/BB and 512BB into various races such as Le Mans and Daytona, believing the cars had the potential to perform just as well as a race sportscar after some race modifications.
However with minimal success, Ferrari decided that instead they would build a car specifically for the purposes of racing in Le Mans. Using the 512BB as a base, the 512BB LM was developed and made its first appearance on the circuit in 1979.
Featuring an 180 degree V12 engine, the 512BB LM separates itself further from its base 512BB with a completely redesigned body done by Pininfarina for the purpose of making it race worthy.
The first 512BB LM built were entered into Le Mans between the periods of 1979–1980. In the early 1980’s it continued to see action on the tracks through modified versions done by privateers, and a late version that featured a slightly different body.
Based off the design of its debut in 1979, we present our newest MFH 1/12 Full Detail Kit – the 512BB LM!

Kit Details

a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, chromed and vacuum parts, rubber tires, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle – aluminum chromed parts used for wheel rim, wheel nut, main front light rims, engine funnels, muffler ends and gas tank cover – front cowl of car is designed to be removable, and doors and rear cowl can be opened and closed allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion – clear resin used for headlight lens, allowing for the mold to closely imitate those of the actual vehicle. – pre-printed sponsor logos featured on rear grill etching parts


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