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●K791 – Ver.A : 1967 Daytona 24hours #24 L.Scarfiotti / M.Parkes
1967 Spa 1000km #9 L.Scarfiotti / M.Parkes
1967 Sarte 24hours race #19 G.Klass / P.Sutcliffe

●K792 – Ver.B :1967 Monza 1000km #4 L.Scarfiotti / M.Parkes

1967 Sarte 24hours race #21 L.Scarfiotti / M.Parkes

●K793 – Ver.C : 1967 Sarte 24hours race #24 W.Mairesse / “Beurlys”
1967 Monza 1000km #3 L.Bandini / C.Amon

Kit Details

- The Ferrari debuts the 330P4 at 1967, after the lose in the 1966 Le Mans to the Ford. The debut race was the Daytona 24 hours, 330P4 won the race with the first two positions as the powerful rivals like the Fords and the Chaparrals were retired.
- a full detailed,multi-material kit featuring white metal, turned matal parts, etching, rubber tires and decals allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.
- aluminum turned parts used for wheel rim.
- Pre-printed sponsor logos featured on tires.
- front and rear body cowl can be removed, allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.

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Code K791 K792 K793
Producer Model Factory Hiro
Scale 1:43
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